Lista de Deseos: La Nieve

Hola Todos!

I have a bucket list that I want to try and achieve by the end of my exchange, which you can see here. One of the things I wanted to experience in Chile was la nieve (snow).

I’ve seen snow before, as I was born in Belgium and we’ve visited over the Christmas and wintertime, as well as going skiing with school and with my family, so this isn’t the first experience, but I really wanted to experience it here in Chile if I could.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t snow very much in the city in winter, so I don’t think I’ll be able to experience being in the snow. But, almost every time it rains or is very cloudy here during the winter, the snow can be seen on La Cordillera – the Andes mountains that surround all of Santiago.

As it has been getting colder recently as we go into winter, I’ve been able to see the snow a few times on the mountains and I’ve taken a few pictures as well, and I’m counting that as this enough to tick off this bucket list wish.

The photo isn’t great, as you can’t really see that much snow, but we’re only just starting winter now, so as it gets colder, there will be more and more snow on the mountains and I’ll take more photos and update about it. Stay tuned!

Update 12/06/2020

So it’s been raining all night, a mix in between lluvia (rain) and agua-nieve (water-snow, direct translation), which is when the water first falls down as snow and is frozen, but it melts once it hits the ground, so it isn’t snowing. Everytime it rains here, it turns to snow on la cordillera (the Andes mountains), and there’s an absolutely beautiful view of the snowy mountains.

It’s become a thing where my friends here know that snow isn’t a very common thing for me to see in Sydney, so they message me whenever there’s snow, and that’s what happened today. My friend Serena messaged me saying there was snow on the mountains, and I quickly jumped up and annoyed my host sister and my host mum until they let me go outside to take photos haha.

There were a lot of clouds so it wasn’t the clearest view of the mountains, but it’s still such a pretty view outside.

I had no one to take photos with so I just put my phone on timer and took a few photos jajaja

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